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Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount (Standard) w/ HD Folding Tripod

4.9 out of 5 stars
7 customer reviews

Price: $2,395.00

  • Manufacturer: Losmandy
  • MPN: G-11 SFT
  • SKU: G-11 SFT
  • Availability: Ships from Warehouse / Call or Email for Availability


  • All machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • One 3.750” diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • One 2.000” diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • Two 1.500” diameter needle bearings.
  • 5.625” diameter, 7075 aluminum worm gear, 360 tooth.
  • Dual supported, ball bearing housed stainless steel worm-heat treated and ground.
  • Variable slip clutch, both axes. One knob design.
  • 1.250” diameter stainless steel shafts.
  • Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, 14-64 degrees, large knob for easy alignment. (8-68 degrees with small modification).
  • Laser engraved latitude scale in 2 degree increments.
  • Single knob azimuth control, bi-directional +/- 8.5 degree.
  • 5.000” diameter laser engraved setting circles, 4 minute R.A., vernier reading to 1 minute / 1 degrees DEC., vernier reading to 0.1 degree. R.A. circle engraved for Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Porter slip ring design.
  • 160 oz/in stepper motor, 0.5 arc sec. step.
  • Dovetail saddle-plate allows for the interchanging of any tube assembly-reduces need for DEC. weights.
  • Removable stainless steel weight shaft w/safety knob.
  • 21 lb counterweight.
  • 7 lb and 11 lb extra counterweights available.
  • Through the axis polar scope, works in Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Polar scope optional.
  • Instrument weight capacity 60 lbs.
  • Equatorial head weight 36 lbs.


  • All machined aluminum, black anodized, powder coated.
  • Tripod height, adjustable from 33” - 48” 
  • Removable leg design for easy transporting.
  • Tripod weight 35 lbs.


  • Diamond push button pattern.
  • R.A. and DEC. reversing switches.
  • Three guiding rates; 30%, 50% and 2x sidereal rate.
  • Three setting rates; 4x, 8x, 16x sidereal rate.
  • Quartz tracking rates: sidereal, solar, lunar, king.
  • Periodic Error Correction (PEC).
  • Programmable DEC. Backlash Compensation (TVC).
  • Control panel dimmer.
  • Accepts auto-guider systems.
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation.
  • 12 volt DC - 500ma power use.
  • Tiltable control panel for easy access.
  • Small hand control box for comfortable use.

All heights are to top of tripod. Add 10” @ 34 degrees to center of Dec.-R.A. junction. Add 7” from Dec.-R.A. junction to top of saddle.

Customers Reviews

Total 7 reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

G11 kudos!

By Eugene Cross on October, 16th 2009

By far the best value mount Ive ever owned! (Thanks to Ken Lum for being my mount mentor!) Excellent performance! Sure there are even better mounts. The AP 900 can swing more. And the AP 1200 is perhaps the ultimate in a production mount. But these cost FAR more, not to mention the long wait. Anyone who loves using a transportable telescope on steady, good tracking mount should own a G11 sometime in their observing experience. Gene Cross Fremont, CA

G-11, Excellent Value.

By robert guthals on October, 16th 2009

I have used a G-11 for about one year now, excellent mount for stability and tracking. Easy to setup and use, particularly for a mount with its kind of capacity. Polar scope is highly recommended, and I would recommend the toolless knobs.

Outstanding Plateform for visual or Imaging

By James A. Edwards on October, 16th 2009

Having owned a few Fork type mounts, it wasnt very difficult to choose the Losmandy G-11. I decided on the 11 based by its quality, the weight it will handle and overall ease to use. The added accessories are also a must ( motor covers, clutch knobs and mount knobs )as they add some additional features to an already good system. For anyone looking for a solid, well made and easy to use large mount, look no further then this, the Losmandy G-11 is an outstanding plateform for visual or imaging astronomers, one I highly recommend!

Accessories Required

By Stephen Parrott on October, 16th 2009

This is an excellent mount for the money, however it does not come with a power supply - you must buy a $65 12VDC regulated supply for that. Specifically, one that accepts a cigarette lighter plug works.

I have had no troubles with the mount so far, and the axes move very smoothly.


By Shahriar Davoodian on October, 16th 2009

I took a good result o this mount for astrophotography with polar align!.This is great

Price and Qualilty are Unbeatable

By James A. Edwards on October, 16th 2009

I wanted to place another review on the Losmandy G11 for 2 important reasons. The first and foremost is the quality. Never have I once been disappointed by how well this mount has performed. Now having owned 4 total, between different scope type I always come back to the G11 ( go-to or grab-in-go ). These are work-horse mounts, extremely durable and exceed the prescribed weight tolerances very easily (1 of my best viewing buddies pushes this mount to 70lbs.!!!) And as far as price, how do you do wrong? Naturally the few accessories you include raise the price, but the tri-pod knobs, clutch knobs and aluminum gear covers dress this mount off nicely. In my book this is a 10+ rated mount! Clear skies, James Edwards Elk Grove CA


By Mike Chapa on October, 16th 2009

Best value in its price range. You will probably spend a bit more adding niceties like toolless knobs, polar scope, DSC/GOTO, motor covers, etc., but nothing can touch it for the price/load. The PE is low, but still needs to be autoguided out for CCD.

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