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Lunt Engineering 7x50 Magnesium Series Binocular

A good pair of binoculars is a useful companion during some of life’s most memorable excursions. Whether you are white water rafting at the Grand Canyon, sailing up the California coast, or scanning for celestial jewels from a dark sky site in Colorado, you’ll be happy you remembered to pack your binoculars, especially if you’ve chosen a pair that will serve you well in a wide variety of situations.

When Lunt Engineering decided to offer a line of binoculars to our customers, we knew we had to “go big or go home”. We had several requirements that that had to be satisfied in order to call them Lunt Engineering Binoculars:

    • GREAT OPTICAL QUALITY.   At Lunt Engineering, we know how important optics are to the overall experience of the user. Our binoculars had to rock the optics by yielding flat, sharp, contrasty images across the entire field of view. Period.
    • WATERPROOF & FOGPROOF.  We know most people aren’t going to go swimming with their binoculars, but waterproofing can save your binoculars from water damage caused by unexpected rain, splashes while boating or rafting, and even heavy dew during early morning or late night outings. If you’ve ever experienced internal fungus in your binoculars, camera lenses, or eyepieces, you will understand how desirable waterproofing is.
    • STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT BODY.  Because binoculars go outdoors with you, they should be able to handle the trip without weighing a ton. There are so many choices today when it comes to binocular housing construction, and they offer different benefits. Lunt Engineering looked for a binocular design with a material that offered durability, protection, optical stability and a high strength to weight ratio.
    • GREAT EYE RELIEF.  We required that Lunt Engineering binoculars have sufficient eye relief to allow for comfortable viewing with and without eyeglasses, and the eyecups needed to support both of these observing situations.
    • TRIPOD ADAPTABLE.  All of our customers should have the option of hands-free viewing with their binoculars, especially when they are observing during longer periods of time.

By George, I think we’ve got it!  Lunt Engineering is proud to offer four binocular models in the Magnesium Series line, starting with a classic 7 x 50 and finishing up with a high-power 16 x 70 model, for long range views of land and sky.

All of the Lunt Engineering Magnesium Series Binoculars offer superb, fully multi-coated optics, an armor-coated magnesium body for lightweight yet rugged performance, and generous eye relief. They are waterproof and fogproof, with a rating of IPX-7, which means LE Magnesium binoculars are tested to withstand water damage for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. Magnesium binoculars come with a carry case and the 70mm's include a tripod adapter, allowing you to quickly and easily attach your Magnesium binoculars to any standard camera tripod for hands-free viewing.

LE 7 X 50 MAGNESIUM SERIES BINOCULARS:  The perfect anytime, anywhere binocular! There is a reason why 7 X 50 binoculars have been around so long. Their large 50 mm optics offer up bright views in low light conditions, and at 7X magnification, 7X50 binoculars are easy to hand-hold for long periods of time. Great for sporting events, birding, nature observations, boating, astronomy, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

LE 10 X 50 MAGNESIUM SERIES BINOCULARS: This model is for those who prefer a bit more magnification. For manny people, 10X is the highest magnification they can hand-hold and still get shake-free views. With bright 50mm optics, the Lunt Engineering 10 X 50 binoculars will provide bright views in most lighting conditions.

LE 11 X 70 MAGNESIUM SERIES BINOCULARS: If you want the light-gathering of a telescope with the flexibility and portability that binoculars offer, check out the Lunt 11X70′s. With an exit pupil of 6.4 mm, these giant binoculars provide super-bright images under low light conditions, so they are perfect for astronomy and nature watching during the magic hours of dusk and dawn. At 11X, you can still hand-hold these binoculars, but for an extended viewing session, adding a tripod to the mix will do wonders.

LE 16 X 70 MAGNESIUM SERIES BINOCULARS: Higher magnifications with giant optics, that’s the name of the game here. Users with steady hands can use 16X binoculars without a tripod for limited observing, but these high power binoculars do their best work on your favorite tripod. Just like all the Magnesium Series binoculars, you needn’t worry about getting caught in the rain or a dewy night, either. Nitrogen-purged, waterproof, fogproof, armor-coated…all the protection is there just in case you need it.

LE 100 MM ED APO BINOCULARS WITH INTERCHANGEABLE EYEPIECES: Wow! 4″ of aperture X 2 offers amazing views of the cosmos as well as the natural world! These giant binoculars come with a set of 25mm eyepieces (22X), but due to their standard 1.25″ ocular holders, you can easily do 100X or more by simply adding higher magnification eyepieces, which are readily available at all price points. No hand-holding here…you’ll want a stable tripod to mount the Lunt Engineering 100mm Binoculars on, and they come with a sturdy tripod adapter to do just that.

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