JOhn Hishon Reviews

TAK 7.5

I simply cant believe how good these Tak LE set of EPs is. Compact lightwieght, lots of light throughput, good eye relief & great contrast. Using a TV 102 currently - outstanding eyepiece, typical TAK quality. Needs EP caps as they are not supplied by TAK, the one short coming of this series. FOV aside I consider the LE series to be overall as good as anything currently on the market - & there a some great EPs out there. These beauties can be picked up second hand for $130 or less. The BEST overall value on the market!

Best in its Focal Range !

Using a 4 APO refractor for this review & I viewed with and without eyeglasses, in poor to moderately dark skies.I dont give out 10s nothing is perfect. Once again this TAK LE series performs superbly. In this focal range Id say this EP is unbeatable. Meades 56mm and the TVs 55 plossl just dont compare- after one look through the TAK the other two simply dont inspire. Its that much better. Its much more expensive but you get something extra with this EP. Background skies are much darker stars are sharp perfectly round pinpoints to the edge. Yes the slightly shorter focal length helps in this regard but not to this degree - one look says it all. The enormous eye cup takes some getting use to but its excellent. Expensive, a bit heavy these are the short comings. One look through the EP and all that is forgotten. If you can afford the extra $ it the best in its focal range ! Always try to view with an EP before you buy, reviews are very subjective. Clear Skies.