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Ronald Stanger Reviews

TeleVue 8mm ETHOS Eyepiece

on October, 16th 2009

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Tele Vue 8mm ETHOS Eyepiece

At first I was skeptical to lay out my hard earned money for this eyepiece. But I read an artical in SKY AND TELESCOPE that you only realy need two eyepieces. I happen to own all Naglers type6s,a 26mm and a 31mm. Let me tell you,the 8MM ETHOS is worth every hard earned penny. The images are crisp and sharp with a great deal of contrast. If your thinking about buying this lens, stop thinking and buy it. You will be very pleased you did. The BEST two eyepieces to have would be Tele Vues 26mm & 8mm ETHOS with Tele Vues Parracor...did I spell that right!!!!! Happy Viewing.