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Jeffrey Hapeman Reviews

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A wonderful little GEM

This product really has no comparison; no one else produces such a small and portable equatorial mount. Placed on a heavy-duty photo tripod, it makes an excellent platform for small telescopes and astrophotography. The best part is that it is so small that one can easily pack it up and take it on a trip. Combined with the FS-60C, this makes an outstanding traveling observing package. As with all things Takahashi, it is superbly engineered and tracks extremely accurately. Highly recommended.


This scope is pure Takahashi; think of a miniature FS-102 and youve pretty much got it. Quality of construction and optics were not sacrificed one bit in the construction of this telescope. I bought mine as an off-axis guider, but have found it to be a wonderful scope to just pop out for a quick look, or for traveling. It will literally fit in your coat pocket! If you are considering a TeleVue Pronto, I would strongly consider the FS-60C instead. While smaller in aperture, it has far superior color correction (I can detect no false color on my FS-60C, compared to obvious false color in the Pronto) and the FS-60C also has much higher contrast than the Pronto. The FS-60C is easily the match of the Pronto in terms of fit and finish (I have owned a Pronto, so I can fairly comment on this comparison). The only reason I dont give it a 10 is that you have to fiddle with adding extensions to reach focus with some eyepieces because in classic Tak fashion, the scope is lacking in back focus. This can also cause issues with some eyepiece when used with a diagonal.

Great contrast and sharpness

The title says it all. Very sharp views and extremely confortable eye relief. This is my favorite planetary eyepiece. The FOV is a bit small for a Dobsonian, but if your scope is on a tracking mount, this is the planetary/globular eyepiece to own.