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EM-400 - Just Right

After I ran out of head room with my EM-200 I needed more. I never even considered other mounts, if you owned a Tak you would understand. Any way for an old man I have no problem setting this up in the field. The polar scope is even better with the 400 after I realized there is a mistake in the manual. For Houston the offset is -5 not + 5 as it is in the manual. Other than that, this is in my estimation the ultimate transportable scope, 85 lb load photographic, easy and fast setup and fantastic Tak quality throughout. A must buy for astroimagers. John

What was I thinking

This is my second Mewlon 250. I thought I had to sell my first one, to help pay bills. Never again, I dont know what I was thinking, I never should have sold it. I regretted it from day one. This is in my estimation the Ferrari of scopes. Not because of its speed (at F11 there are other scopes that are faster) but the way it just works. Optically it outperforms much larger scopes, as I am able to push the scope to its limits when the other scopes have already turned mushy. On one very steady night in Chiefland, FL someone in our group laid down a challenge saying his scope was the best. We picked the double double in Lyre and started throwing on the power; by the time we got to 1,500X I was the only one standing. I still had 2 stars with a hole to drive a truck through. When you add the exquisite finder scope, light weight, the electric focusing of the secondary, fixed primary, removable back for cooling, magnetic weight system and the unbelievable fit and finish, is there any other scope that can compete, I dont think so. I also got smart and bought the EM200 to mount it on. This move turned out to be a stoke of genius on my part. My CCD images are showing the results, with nice round tight stars and detail missing in my other earlier images. It will be a cold day in hell the day I part with my second Mewlon 250 and EM200 mount.