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John Horsley Reviews

Typical Tak style

Just received my FS60C. Its everything that makes a telescope a Tak, just on a miniture scale. Outstanding optics, and pure quality construction.

Right out of the box!

Typical Losmandy quality. The install took less than an hour. The instructions were easy to follow, and straight forward. The only thing to look out for, is to be sure to match the encoder housings to the proper axis, (the housing with the one flat side goes on the RA axis) there is no mention of this in the instruction. I also purchased the Sky Commander XP4 along with the encoders. I just followed the instructions in the manual and it worked right out of the box! Easy to learn and it WORKS! First time out, every object was placed dead center in the eyepiece.

PST Caddy is a must!

I received my Astrozap PST Caddy today and tried it out. It is AWESOME. It is well designed and made. In my opinion anyone with a PST should own one. If youre ordering a new PST inclued one with your order you wont regret it. Well Done Astrozap!