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Michael Sutherland Reviews

Best Beginners book

Some folks may be put off by the price of this book, but I assure you it is worth every penny! It does a wonderful job of grounding you in the basics of navigating the sky, using equipment and understanding the dimensions of our universe. Ive moved on in my knowledge of astronomy, but I still refer back to this book from time to time. This should be the FIRST piece of astronomy equipment you buy... BEFORE binoculars or a telescope!

Takahashi 2.5

on October, 17th 2009

Perfect length

I needed to upgrade my FS-128 NSV to accept 2 oculars so got this extension tube along with the TOA0400 visual back. Typical Tak quality, rock solid. Two small nits however, they are annodized so arent flat black... perhaps they dont need it inside but the 1.25 back the scope came with was. The second nit is it/they didnt come with a dust plug. Not a big deal but it would have been nice. But as the heading says, this extension tube is the perfect length for my NSV. All of my oculars come to focus with room to spare on either side of focus. Recommended.

Essential accessory

This accessory is essential if you wish to use 2 oculars in your FS- scope. I added it to my FS-128 and am very pleased. Very solid with a quality compression ring. It is black anodized so isnt entirely flat black on the inside, (which is why I clicked the 9 button). It may not matter but it would have been nice. Recommended.

So sharp

Edge to edge sharpness is simply amazing. I did a side-by-side with a TV 32mm plossl primarily to see if the 52deg AFOV provided the same TFOV as the 50deg plossl, (they are virtually the same with the TV getting an ever so slight advantage). But I soon ignored the width of field and instead enjoyed the crisp sharpness of the LE. Beautiful! So why the 9 instead of a 10? I didnt like the eyecup. It has a rubber disk blocking the outer half of the lens. This forces you to really get in close to see the entire FOV. The explanation is this protects the glass from wayward fingers but I would have preferred taking in the view from a more comfortable distance. Still a winner.