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David L. McCarthy Reviews

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W/ Denk2/OCS2/OB20ServoCat/ArgoNavis

Apparition of Mars - Worked Great in 2003 and looking forward to using it this time around in 2005...Highly reccomended, esp in large Scopes http://www.tnni.net/~dustymars/Article_2005.htm Also the Best Ive seen yet of Any filter for the GRS

Sirius Optics (Filters) POL1 48mm Polarizer Filter

I have an Ob 20 dob - I purchased two of these filters - One I put on the televue BigBarlow and the other on a 2 EP - 35pan, TV22t4, TV17t4 - I rotate the EP in the BB - Works absolutely Great!! If I want Higher mag I introduce the paracorr to hold the second filter - the BB goes into the focuser holding the first filter - the paracor holds the second filter and is inserted into the BB - now I can Use my TV12t4 or step down to 1.25 EPs - One rotates the Paracorr inside the BB for attenuation - again - works great - I highly reccomend them - esp for those that like working w/ a 2 set Up!