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Joel Guthals Reviews

Takahashi FS-152 Tube Holder--Top Notch

This tube holder is massive and easily capable of providing an abolutely solid and secure way to hold the FS-152 for visual and CCD observing. It is a clamshell design, lined with thick felt, with a large, easy to find knob on one side that tightens a clamping screw to adjust the clamshell tension. The tube holder has a 1/4-20 screw on the top for mounting accessories or a camera. The quality of design, fit and finish are as good as it gets.

Takahashi 2

on October, 17th 2009

Excellent Diagonal

I decided to get the Tak 2 diagonal for my FS-152. Compared to the TV Everbright that I usually use, I found it to be every bit as good optically, but even sturdier in construction. It looks very good on a Tak scope, just like it was designed for it. I dont know of a better diagonal.

Excellent quality and value

After using the G-11/Gemini for more than one year, I continue to be impressed with its high quality engineering and manufacture. Although the Gemini control system takes a little practice, after a few sessions it becomes easy to use, including the five button hand controller about which some complain. The mount is very accurate and stable. The Gemini has many unique functions such as allowing automatically parking of the mount at he end of a viewing session and providing automatic object searching. I am using the G-11 for my Tak FS-152 and C-14. It handles both scopes easily.

Elegant mount

The best way to describe the EM-200 Temma 2 is elegant. It is nicely designed with its curved lines and buit-in drop down counterweight shaft. It is finely engineered and manufactured. It has an unique an amazingly accurate polar scope. The tracking and slewing are just about perfect. The Temma 2 has its own Goto software, which is works well after you understand the Japanese/English manual, but The Sky6 now has a control module for the Temma 2 allowing all of its advanced features to be used with this mount. Everyone who has seen my EM-200 in operation has been as impressed with it is as I am.

Couldnt be better.

Four inch apos dont get any better than this. Outstanding optics, rugged construction. I am using it for imaging with ST2000xcm and getting excellent results.