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TeleVue 20mm Plossl

on October, 17th 2009


I recieved this eyepiece, as im sure many have,with the purchase of my Televue refractor. I see this eyepiece for sale often and have seen it downplayed in some reviews. This is a very sharp and bright eyepiece. It makes a very good planetary eyepiece in large SCT or Mak. In a Televue 85 it gives 30x with an exit pupil of almost 3mm. Its 1.6 degree field is nice for milky way starfields, but I might prefer a Nagler or Panoptic. At $95 these are almost bargain. Im keeping it.

TeleVue 3.5mm Nagler Type 6

on October, 17th 2009

Warming up to the Nagler

I wasnt very impressed with this eyepiece at first! After looking through Radians for the past 4 years, I have gotten used to seeing the entire 60 degree field at once. With the type 6 Naglers i have to move my face and peer around the corner to see the edge.The Radians seem slightly sharper and seemed to have less glare. However with continued use and some clear nights i am beginning to like this eyepiece. On the moon you get a wide field and since the eye is closer to the glass, a closer more intimate view. If the moon has a halo from moisture or haze, the glare will be more bothersome than the Radians. If the air is clear and dry the view is great.