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Mark Moulder Reviews

Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2

I waited 4 months before posting this review. I wanted to make sure the mount performed like advertised. First of all, I had the basic amateur questions related to the mount. I called and spoke with Art at TNR and he had me going down the right road ASAP! This man knows his stuff. From day 1, after initial setup and data entry, the mount was flawless. I never had to drift align! I have been able to take as long as 30 minute exposures with perfectly round stars. Believe me Im a perfectionist and this mount is a perfectionists dream. Im giving this mount a 10. The only reason I did not give it an 11+ is that it is only accurate when doing gotos on the same side of the meridian, otherwise, it is dead on accurate. A must have mount for CCD imaging! Thanks Takahashi and I didnt have to wait a year to get it!