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iOptron is worldwide known for their development and manufacturing of cutting edge astronomical telescopes, mounts, optical instruments and accessories.  Customer satisfaction is extremely high due to the quality of their products and customer service iOptron provides. 

iOptron offers a wide range of telescopes.  For the beginner of astronomy, they have several telescope systems to choose from.  There is the SmartStar-R80 that has all the basic needs without breaking the bank.  Or for a beginner’s telescope with more options there are the SmartStar® Cube series.  The SmartStar® Cube-G-R80 is equipped with GPS and the SmartStar® Cube-A-R80 not only has GPS but also has dual Mount: Alt-Azimuth & German Equatorial.  iOptron provides a selection of Newtonian telescope systems. They range from the basic model SmartStar-N114 to the fully loaded SmartStar® Cube-A-N114.  For deep space viewing and astrophotography, the SmartStar® Cube-E-MC90, Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope system, is perfect for that task.  The SmartStar® Cube-G-MC90,  Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope system, has GPS and the SmartStar® Cube-A-MC90 has GPS and dual Mount: Alt-Azimuth & German Equatorial. iOptron also produces “GoTo and Tracking” telescope systems.  The MiniTower II is extremely portable with accurate tracking. The MiniTower Pro is the ultimate “GoTo and Tracking” telescope system. Not only does it have all the amazing features as the MiniTowerII but also has an encoder that is six times finer.  The AstroboyI and the Astroboy -70e are fun, easy to use and easy to carry telescopes. They are great for watching stars, birds and landscapes.  IOptron even manufactures a solar telescope.  The Solar 60 is a computerized telescope that locates and auto-tracks to keep the sun in view.  

iOptron’s Equatorial mounts are popular among the astronomy enthusiast.  There is a range of mount to select from.  They offer the entry level, middle level to all the way up to high-end equatorial mounts.  The Smart EQ Portable GOTO GEM. It is an excellent German equatorial GOTO mount at a reasonable price. And for the person who wants the extreme, there is the iEQ45-GT GOTO German Equatorial Mount With Renishaw Encoder. 

Telescope systems are not the only products that iOptron produces.  They also offer electronic microscopes.  There is the ST-80 Electronic Microscope that is both versatile and easy to use with the ability to magnify objects 4x to 1024x.  The Electronic Antique Microscope is made according to designs of 19th century instrument models, but with the latest optical technology.  Need a high-tech microscope that is capable of both digital viewing through a 3.5” LCD screen and via traditional eyepieces?  Than the ST-640 LCD is the microscope is the one for you. 

iOptron manufactures many other product including extensive range of telescope accessories.  Whether the iOptron product is a simple iEQ45 counterweight or the complex iEQ75-GT Go To German Equatorial mount, the product is made with precision and high quality materials. 


iOptron iGuiderTM Autoguider System

SKU: IO-3360

Price: $218.00


iOptron SkyTracker Pro Camera Mount with iPolar

SKU: IO-3322A

Price: $488.00


iOptron 1.2MP iGuider 1 Autoguider Camera

SKU: IO-3362

Price: $143.00


iOptron iPolar Adapter for SkyGuider Pro


Price: $35.00


iOptron iPolar Internal Mounting Adapter for iOptron CEM120 Mounts

SKU: IO-3340A-120

Price: $35.00


iOptron iPolar Internal Mounting Adapter for iOptron CEM40 Mounts

SKU: IO-3340A-040

Price: $35.00


iOptron Finder Scope 8X50mm with Bracket

SKU: IO-6152

Price: $88.00


iOptron Hard Case for ZEQ25

SKU: IO-7180

Price: $85.00

iOptron Smartphone Eyepiece Adapter (Black)

SKU: 8432-BK

Price: $58.00

iOptron CEM40 Counterweight Shaft Mounting House


Price: $99.00


iOptron CEM40 Hard Case

SKU: IO-7480

Price: $128.00


iOptron Vibration suppression feet for LiteRoc & 2

SKU: IO-8437

Price: $79.00


iOptron 30mm f/4 iGuider Mini Guide Scope

SKU: IO-3361

Price: $93.00


iOptron iPano Li-Ion Battery Charger

SKU: IO-3618

Price: $30.00

iOptron 60mm White-Light Solar Filter


Price: $45.00

iOptron Electric Focuser for MAK150

SKU: IO-8452

Price: $258.00

iOptron Finder Scope 6X30mm with Bracket

SKU: IO-6151

Price: $52.00

Pier Top adapter for CEM120 to Tri-Pier

SKU: IO-8036-120

Price: $138.00