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Astrozap are known for their manufacturing of high quality flexible and aluminum dew shields.  They offer a large selection of dew shields that will match about any telescopes available.  Astrozap also produces dew controllers, light shrouds, eyepiece trays and other products for astronomers.  They are world wide recognized for their workmanship and customer service.  

Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shield is the basic component of the passive dew fighting system. Astrozap Aluminum Dew Shields are custom made and painted to match telescope manufactures Meade, Celestron and the Takahasi Epsilon astrograph.  

The Astrozap FlexiHeat Dew Shield combines both active and passive methods of dew fighting.  Each FlexiHeat Dew Shield has a built in Astrozap dew heater strap.  When used with the Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Controller or the DC Adapter, the FlexiHeat Dew Shield performs both active and passive dew fighting methods to keep the telescope objective dew-free, thereby lengthening precious telescope time.  

Astrozap’s Dew Heaters Strap is an active dew fighting system.  It applies heat evenly across the length of the strap.  The Dew Heater Strap comes in for all popular sizes to fit eyepieces, finderscopes & telescope objectives.

Astrozap designs Light Shrouds for Meade Light Bridge and Sky Watcher open tube Dobsonian telescopes.  The Light Shrouds not only blocks out the light but also function as passive dew prevention.

Astrozap offers many other astronomy innovative, high quality items.  They are a manufacturer that continues to produce product that enhance the astronomy experiences.  


Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield for Meade 16

SKU: AZ-115

Price: $120.29

AstroZap Focusing Cap for 8

SKU: AZ-408

Price: $120.84

Astrozap Light Shroud For Sky Watcher 14

SKU: AZ-1308

Price: $122.65

Astrozap Focusing Cap 247mm-266mm

SKU: AZ-409

Price: $126.01

Astrozap Flexi-Heat dew shield for Meade 10

SKU: AZ-811

Price: $126.45

Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shield for Meade 10

SKU: AZ-802

Price: $126.56

Astrozap Light Shroud for 16

SKU: AZ-1304

Price: $127.30


SKU: AZ-1517

Price: $129.00


SKU: AZ-1516

Price: $129.00


SKU: AZ-1518

Price: $129.00


SKU: AZ-1515

Price: $129.00

AstroZap Light Shroud for Sky-Watcher 16

SKU: AZ-1309

Price: $130.60

AstroZap Baader Solar Filter for 8

SKU: AZ-1010

Price: $130.80

AstroZap Baader Solar Filter for 7

SKU: AZ-1004

Price: $130.80

Astrozap Standard 14

SKU: AZ-309

Price: $132.00

Astrozap Standard 14

SKU: AZ-310

Price: $132.00

Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Controller

SKU: AZ-720

Price: $137.50