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Santa Barbara Scientific


Santa Barbara Scientific, LLC, (SBS) was established as an independent company in November, 2014, by one of the co-founders of Santa Barbara Instrument Group, Inc. (SBIG).  Initially, its purpose was to assist SBIG in the transition period after the sale of SBIG to Diffraction Limited.  In this role, Santa Barbara Scientific handled production of the larger format SBIG cameras and some specialty cameras and accessories under contract with Diffraction Limited.  Additionally SBS handled all warranty and non-warranty repairs of SBIG products while Diffraction Limited got up to speed, eventually assuming all production activity in Ottawa, Canada.  The staff of Santa Barbara Scientific has since migrated to separate fields of endeavor.  Bill Lynch, the repair man for SBIG cameras for the past 16 years now independently operates SBIG Service & Repair Center next door to SBS.  Alan Holmes, a co-founder of SBIG and its President for 11 years now heads up Cloudland Instruments, also next door to SBS, and Michael Barber, past Vice President and co-founder of SBIG became the CEO of Santa Barbara Scientific.  The current role of SBS is primarily to provide sales support for specialty products using or supporting SBIG cameras and to provide a unique forum where both sellers and buyers of used SBIG cameras can come together to make a transaction with confidence that the used camera is fully functional and performs according to specs as certified by SBIG Service & Repair Center. 

Santa Barbara Scientific SM-2 Seeing Monitor

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