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Baader Planetarium

Baader Planetarium (Germany)

Baader Planetarium is a German base company, that manufacturers astronomical equipment and accessories with impeccable precision. Products are manufactured with the ultimate quality even down to the smallest details, details that not only add to the fit-n-finish of the parts but also increase the function. Baader Planetarium has carefully designed their products to all operate closely together to provide a true system that enables many unique visual, photographic, and CCD applications.

The Badder Planetarium Hyperion modular eyepieces are known for their performance and unique photo-visual features.   The Baader Planetarium Hyperion-Asheric modular eyepieces are the world’s first production to use aspheric surfaces.  Baader also offers a zoom eyepiece.  The Hyperion Mark lll 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom eyepiece has continuous variable focal length, with click-stops at 8, 12, 16, 20, 24mm.

In addition to their system of adapters, spacers, and couplers, Baader Planetarium provides a number of unique optical components that can expand the performance and usefulness of your telescope. This equipment is so flexible and useful that you will uncover potential uses or configurations beyond what you originally intended.

Barlow lenses produced by Baader Planetarium are like all the rest of their products; they have high performance and amazing quality at reasonable prices.  The VIP Modular 2X Barlow is an impressive 2X photo-visual barlow system.  It consists of a many modular component parts, which allows it to be configured for multiple visual and imaging uses.   Baader also offer the Fluorite Flatefield Converter barlow.  It produces a sharp, color-free image for any projection photography need.  

Baader Planetarium is famous for their ASTRO T-2 System™.  This system enables their adapters, diagonals, extension tubes, focuser and other accessories to couple onto virtually all-major telescopes.  For example, the Baader T-2 Prism Star Diagonal can be used as a compatible component with the other Baader Planetarium T-2 accessories, like the VIP Modular Barlow or digital cameras.  

Baader Planetarium also produces imaging filters.  They offer premium colored filters, colored glass filters, and RBG filters. Their newest filter is the Baader Planetarium  LRBGC imaging filter.  They are anti-reflection filters that deliver improved color separation and image quality.  

History and the reliability of their product have proven that Baader Planetarium is a company that is dedicated to producing precision merchandise.  They are an innovating company that will continue to grow.