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Reviews for Baader Planetarium Contrast Booster Filter 2.0

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W/ Denk2/OCS2/OB20ServoCat/ArgoNavis

By David L. McCarthy on October, 17th 2009

Apparition of Mars - Worked Great in 2003 and looking forward to using it this time around in 2005...Highly reccomended, esp in large Scopes http://www.tnni.net/~dustymars/Article_2005.htm Also the Best Ive seen yet of Any filter for the GRS

Its different than the rest

By Philip Canard on October, 17th 2009

Ed gave this a totally erroneous review. This is NOT a refractor color fringe reducing filter, and his review should be ignored. This is a light pollution reduction filter. It does the job by rejecting narrow bands of the most objectionable light. It is the brightest LPR filter I know of that still improves the contrast of images significantly. It is also a good planetary filter, do you get two filters for one price. If you only own one LPR filter, buy this one.