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James A. Edwards Reviews

TeleVue 2x 2.0

on October, 16th 2009

Outstanding unit, a must for Barlow users

I love my 2 power mate, quality and performance abound...Without having to say much more, If you need or use Barlows 1.25 or 2 in a 2 focuser, this is the one for YOU! Outstanding unit, a must for Barlow users!

Takahashi 7x50 Finder Scope

on October, 16th 2009

A 10 plus finder scope!

This is one optically brillant finder scope...The first thing you notice is the quality and the overall performance makes this a wonderful addition...With the added illuminated adapter it even makes this better...A great accessory, a 10 plus Finder scope!

TeleVue 27mm Panoptic

on October, 16th 2009

Irresistably stunning

I decided to add the 27 pan to my exsisting collection of TV Naglers, Meade WAs and some very good TAK LEs...My first view with the 27 was in extremely poor conditions, marginal skies at best with it attached to my Mewlon 250 (3000 mm). Saturn resovled the cassini division amazingly and the overall structure of the planet was breath taking to say the least...If you are looking for an outstanding low power planetary eyepiece with incredable clearity and very good eye relief, BUY the 27, it is irresistably stunning!

TeleVue 55mm Plossl

on October, 16th 2009

Tired and TRUE deep space Performer

From my other reviews of various Naglers, Ultra wide angles and some very good Panoptics, I decided to include this eyepiece as well, as it has been a blessing to own, use and must for my collection...I currently use a Tak Mewlon 250 but my 55 has seen various other scopes including refractors ( TOA & FS series Taks )and some very large SCTs( C-14 & Meade 14 SCT )...My conclusion is this...I use the TV 55 when I need an outstanding low power eyepiece for very faint objects with exceptional optical quality, which by far the TV 55 Plossl is a Tried and True deep space performer !

A must have for any Tak

I decided to try the TOA extender as a way to increse the apiture as I am a eyepiece user and truly enjoy finding new ways to improve my viewing...This unit is a must have for any Tak scope as once you use it you will be amazed at how much your viewing will improve to say the least...I also use this on my Mewlon 250 which on either OTA works fantastic...In case your wondering, there is vertually no vigentting or visual loss which is why Ive rated this a 10!

An Outstandoing attachment for any FS series scope

I bought the extender for my FSQ-106 to go along with a Bino-viewer...As there is no false color in the 106, it did increase the visual clearity and worked very good with the Bino...The various attachments can be a bit tricky but well worth the time and effort...This is a very good accessory, one I highly recommend for visual astronomers!

This Cassegrains for YOU

Being somewhat of a Cassegrain guy, I finally made the plunge and graduated to a Mewlon 250 ...Starting with a 10 LX-200, then a 12 and most recently the new Meade 14 I can honestly say this is one incredable Cat...I have also owned and truly liked Celestrons C-14 and a very good Tak CN-212 but not a single scope Ive mentioned can stand up to the Mewlon 250...Image quality is refractor like and from what I was told, the planetary views are breath taking...Well, not only is this a planetary killer, its a Deep Space explorer above and beyond...Having to do the majority of my viewing in heavy light pollution, not only was the Orion nebula the best I have ever seen, but from star clusters to the Andromeda Galaxy the 250 didnt miss a beat...Quality, finish and the electronic focuser are all A+, but the optical quality is outstanding and if your looking for an OTA youll keep for a life time, This Cassegrains for YOU!

TeleVue 2x Barlow 1.25

on October, 16th 2009

Highly recommended accessory

This is a very well made 2 Big barlow which I have used over a long period of time for planetary use primarily. I have also recommended it to people with a limited number of eyepieces as a way to double your collection and still get a great 2 accessory in the process. I highly recommend this Barlow, without a doubt!

Tough as nails and worth the investment

Being one to transport my valuable equipment to star parties, I thought the best way to insure the safty of my mount and accessories would be to buy a Pelican. I used the 1620 for my Losmandy G-11 and for a good way to store it and to make sure it wouldnt be damaged, I made the investment to own one. I highly recommend this case and any Pelican product! 10 stars easily!

Takahashi 7x50 Finder Scope

on October, 16th 2009

This is a 10 + Finder!!! ( revised )

They dont come any better then a Takakashi finder...Set screw marks for the adapter can be a problem if your not careful, but let me say this is a beauty, especially with the illumination adpater which lights this baby up, a 10+ finder!!!

Takahashi 7x50 Finder Bracket

on October, 16th 2009

Tak quality, very solid & Easy to use

This is a very good bracket for those that use the 7x50 finder scope...What I like the best is the plastic coated tips which dont solve the problem with leaving marks on your finder but certainly help quite a bit...Typical Tak finish and crafsmanship...As long as your dont abuse or overtighten the screws on your finder, its easy to use and solid! JAE