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James A. Edwards Reviews

Man, what a Scope

Having owned my first 250, changing its mounting configuration into BRC250 rings, the wiring on the focuser and rear end piece, I spent countless hours using this beauty only to sell it with regret each day I didnt own 1. As Tak now offers my prototype as the S version, dont let the special application detour you away from this incredible instrument. I am on my second 250 and for a very good reason. There are so many ways to discribe this scope from its wonderful finish to its general manufacturing to the optical excellence you would expect in a 10 Cassegrain. I often use mine with a 1.6x extender, increasing the focal to 4600mm and let me say, this scope only GETS Better. Wheather your only a casual observer or a hard-core Amateur this is the one scope you have got to Own. I use many of the Tak LE eyepieces also, but no matter what type you use, this 250 is a monster to view through. A 10 rating doesnt due it justice, but dont take my word for it, BUY ONE and see! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Awesome Eye relief, They dont get any Better this This!

I have used both the 5mm and 7mm Tak LEs on many different scope types, preferring both for higher powers over the Naglers and Radians. I would be hard pressed not to give the LEs a slight advantage for both their optical excellence and overall performance. But what I notice most of all, wheather Ive used this piece in a Large SCT, Refractor or my Dall Kirkham is that this piece allows you to enjoy each object you choose to look at the more you concentrate on a particular object either deep sky or planetary. The 12.5mm is no different, with its Awesome Eye Relief, They dont get much Better then this! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Another Great LE

Please see my reviews on the other Takahashi LEs, this is another great LE, they dont get any better this this!!! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

What a MONSTER eyepiece...10 Stars? More like a MUST HAVE Rating!

As I am a True Believer of the Takahashi LEs, the 3.6mm is a must have in your collection. As seeing conditions always impact your viewing session and as many will understand viewing our Solar system can be a roll-of-the-dice no matter what scope type you use. My very first outing with the 3.6mm in tow, not only was the 3.6mm incredible to use on planets but at 1277x this piece was INCREDIBLE! No loss of performance, it wouldnt break down in 2 out 5 skies! Not only do I give this eyepiece a higher rating, it gets my MUST HAVE rating as one of the best high power eyepieces I have ever used! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Losmandy Clutch Knob Set

on October, 16th 2009

Great additions and Easier to Use!

I have owned 3 G11s and 4 GM8s and with each of these mounts I have always made sure to include this upgrade. Why you ask? The answer is simple, These are great additions making the grip and rotation of each clutch easier to manipulate ( I also like the way the look, Beefer). Naturally, you can keep the stock knobs but I highly recommend you step up and buy a set of these Babies, YOU will love em! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

A great Option, rather then a go-to!

I have owned 3 sets of the Losmandy Digital Setting circles, my first time out was a complete disaster, leaving me to go back to a go-to system ( LX200). Well, I am here to tell you that once you get the hang of these circles and understand how easier they are to use, you will truly enjoy your decision to own them. If your a grab-to user this would be a good upgrade, a great option rather then a go-to! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Losmandy Tripod Knob Set

on October, 16th 2009

DITTO, and they LOOK better TOO!

I couldnt agree more with the previous review. Stop Fumbling with allen wrenches, BUY them and make your set up/tear down easier! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

10 Star rating???

Easily!!! Please see my other reviews on the Takahashi LEs, you wont be disappointed!!! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Don Holcombe, YOU get a 10!!!

If any here have seen a scopeguard case, you will certianly understand my easy 10 star rating. For those unfamilure or have not had the luxury of owning a Scopeguard, IMHO you are in for a treat. The case for my Takahashi TOA 130 was no exception. Well made, extremly durable with adequate padding and built to last. I especially like the way Scopeguard chooses their handles and latches, they both round out this marvelous case and make you want to own one! Don Holcombe, YOU get a 10! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Losmandy 7

on October, 16th 2009

A good adapter for your Mewlon

I used this adapter to mount my Mewlon 210 onto my Losmandy GM8. There isnt alot to say about adapters,, other then its well made, durable and super easy to use! Caveat, be leary of anonymous reviews! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

It looks like a hockey puck...

Simply put, it looks like a hockey puck, but its an essential item when used to mount your Mewlon dove-tail to a Losmandy Mount. VERY well made!

Another Great piece for Eye Relief

As Ive mentioned in previous reviews, the Tak LEs are exceptional eyepieces especially for planetary viewing but dont let that hold you back. Ive used this beauty for deep sky images while you lose a % of your FOV the clearity and stability of this eyepiece more then make up for it. Im sure many prefer the TVs over the Taks or a lessor quality eyepiece to reach high magnification but I highly recommend this for your collection, its another great piece for eye relief. Clear skies!

The 2.8 is a must have!

Another brillant eyepiece from Takahashi. The 2.8 is a fantastic eyepiece for high magnifications whether you use a refractor or reflector you wont be disappointed. Honestly? The TV radians are great eyepieces for eye relief, but with every scope I have used this on ( 5 total ), at higher mags it has never failed me. The 2.8mm Tak LE is a must have for your collection!