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James A. Edwards Reviews

Price and Qualilty are Unbeatable

I wanted to place another review on the Losmandy G11 for 2 important reasons. The first and foremost is the quality. Never have I once been disappointed by how well this mount has performed. Now having owned 4 total, between different scope type I always come back to the G11 ( go-to or grab-in-go ). These are work-horse mounts, extremely durable and exceed the prescribed weight tolerances very easily (1 of my best viewing buddies pushes this mount to 70lbs.!!!) And as far as price, how do you do wrong? Naturally the few accessories you include raise the price, but the tri-pod knobs, clutch knobs and aluminum gear covers dress this mount off nicely. In my book this is a 10+ rated mount! Clear skies, James Edwards Elk Grove CA