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James A. Edwards Reviews

Meade Basic Camera Adapter 1.25

on October, 16th 2009

Well made and a great accessory for your 1.25 visual end

These are well made, easy to use and a great accessory for any camera type film or SLR when you only have a 1.25 visual end on your scope to work with...You can use your exsisting bayonet mount, which you attach from the camera end of this accessory...An easy 10 rating!

TeleVue 22mm Nagler Type 4

on October, 16th 2009

A mid-range Wonder!

Having used a number of the TV Naglers, my first impression with this eyepiece was through a friends C14...My previous 20mm range eyepiece was TVs original T4 20mm Nagler which has set the benchmark for mid-range power eyepieces...Having used the 22mm Nagler for DS objects or in certian instances for planetary use, with 2 of my latest scopes ( a Mewlon 250 and more recently my Meade LX200 16 sct )this eyepiece gave me incredable views, a must have for any serious astronomer...I rate this eyepiece a pure 10, a mid-range wonder!

Not the best, but certainly not that Bad

As far as Illuminated eyepieces go, or for like-type optical devices with illumination, Meades 12mm recticle ( w/cord) is not that bad for the money. I wouldnt go as far as to make a general comparission with plossl type eyepieces, but for anyone using this piece in conjunction with the LX200 Smart Mount Technology, its a Must Have! Not the best, but certainly not that bad! J.E.

Great addition!

Having used and owned 4 Takahashi 10:1 Micro edge focusers I can say in all honesty, each was silky smooth to operate, each was manufactured in the same tradition as are ALL Takahashi products and a great Addition for visual astronomers looking to up grade and gain that extra edge over stock corse focusing! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

The Tak 7.5 LE, Exceptional Good!

Having used the 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 5mm and now the 7.5mm, not one piece Ive mentioned was I disappointed to use. I used my first LE, the 2.8 during the Mars opposition, changing to the Tak LEs over 2 very good UWA Meades, but found with each variation of telescope I used, an FSQ-106N, CN212, TOA130 and lastly my Mewlon 250, I found that the LEs to be my high powered eyepieces of choice. With exceptional eye relief, clarity and a noticable increase of optical performance, in each telescope Ive mentioned the LEs gave crisp sharp views. Using a Higher powered eyepiece, the majority mainly for Planetary use, after viewing a number of different objects using the Tak Les I found that wasnt simply true. On Galaxies and various Nebula, not once did the LE 7.5mm disappointed me. When I increased the focal length on my Mewlon 250 using a Tak 1.6x extender, I tried the LE 7.5mm to penetrate the Trapizium of Orion. At 640 power the nebulosity was better then most of the CCD images Ive seen posted and the star Field beyond the internal stars was simply awe inspiring, what an Eyepiece! I also added a Lumicon OIII filter to increase the Neblosity and not once did the 7.5 break down. For those of you looking for a great long eye relief eyepiece to complement your arsenal, I wouldnt hesitate to go out and purchasing any of the LEs Ive mentioned, the 7.5 especially, its Exceptional Good!!!

Telrad Reflex Sight

on October, 16th 2009

I Repeat...Never leave HOME without ONW!!!

Telrad Reflex Sight

on October, 16th 2009

I Repeat...Never leave HOME without ONE!!!

10 stars easily!!! James Edwards Elk Grove CA

TeleVue 31mm Nagler Type 5

on October, 16th 2009

The Grand Daddy of Naglers!!!

First off, I have owned 3 of these eyepieces. For 1 reason or another, they were sold only to be replaced by another 31 as soon as I could manage. I have also looked through 2 other 31mm Naglers, and if you own no other eyepiece, this is the 10+ Lens to Own!!! As I have written numerious equipment reviews here (and my articles on astromart), every single scope Ive owned (23 in the past 5 years), not once was I disappointed with using this eyepiece. In fact, more so then the TV Panoptics or some of the great Ultra Wide Angle Meades, I can say without question, this is the Grand Daddy of Naglers!!! Whether you enjoy planetary viewing or super faint objects such as debula, Star Clusters or 10+ mag Galaxies, the 31 will give you that space walk feeling in space, a must have piece for your Collection!!! Clear skies, James Edwards Elk Grove CA