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James A. Edwards Reviews

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Takahashis Jr Mewlon...Its a 10!

This scope without question is a 10 point rating at the least. Having owned an incredible CN212 and 2 Mewlon 250s, this Lil baby is right on par with each scope type Iv e mentioned. For anyone looking for a solid, well made, optically exceptional 8 telescope, Buy a Mewlon 210, Takahashis Jr Version is a 10!!! Clear skies, James Edwards Elk Grove CA

Wow, Unbelieveable

I have owned and used various Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes but the CN-212 is by far the best in its class and above. As the saying goes, nothing is perfect, therefore I give this a score of 9. Can you say Refractor type images ? My first view when I purchased the 212 was of Jupiter in suburban light poluted conditions. With my trusty FS-128 side by side I was hard pressed to keep my eyes away from the CN-212, Unbelieveably clear with no false color I felt as if I was out in space viewing Jupiter rather then earthbound. I highly recommend this scope to anyone who is looking for a well crafted, visually stunning instrument. You wont be disappointed...More to follow!

Perfection at its best

Having ownded various Celestron, Meade and Losmandy mounts, including the Lx-200s, CG-5, G-8 and G-11 gemini mounts I have finally struck pay dirt with by far, the best mount available in its weight class...With typical Takahashi fit and finish add in ease of use and a mount that oozes quality and you have a complete discription the EM-200 Temma 2 700x Go to...Using the included Pegasus soft ware or The Sky ( software bisque ) this beauty tracks and slews flawlessly and with a click of a mouse your right on target...The initial alignment is critical as with any EQ mount which takes a little patience, but once the 200 is fully aligned and syncd with your personal lap top the 200 is a pure pleasure to use...With the option of using it in either 12 or 24 volt this mount works outstanding with either application...The cost makes you gasp a bit but once this jewel is scanning the comos you will be thankful for every penny you paid...I give this mount a 10, perfection at its best!!!

A must for any TAK

I have used the CAA with my FS-128, FSQ-106 and the Cassegrain focuser which had a CAA included for my CN-212...As with anything Tak the price takes the breath out of you, but once youve had the CAA on your OTA its a sheer pleasure to own!!!

Takahashi at its finest

My first impression when I unpacked my TAO was jaw dropping...Wow, this scope means business, what a beauty...I have owned and used a number of outstanding refractors, starting with Meade EDs ( 102 & 152, both very good ) then moving to a Tak FS-128, FSQ-106 and a very good FS-60 which each OTA being a delight and pleasure to use...My first evening to view was less then adequate, very heavy light pollution and marginal sky conditions at best...I have my TOA mounted to an EM-200 and after my initial alignment and go-to in place, I immediately headed to M-31, The Andromeda galaxy...Starting with a TV 31mm naglar M-31 & M-32 was staring back at me in no time...By far the best refractor I have ever looked through, the TOA not only gave outstanding views of these magnificent objects but the adjacent star field, pin point percession of each tiny star were the sharpest, best color free images I have ever seen...IMHO, the TOA goes beyond just being a great telescope, to now setting new bounderies from a great Manufacturer...Once you own a TOA-130 youll thank that day you decided to! JAE

TeleVue 41mm Panoptic

on October, 17th 2009

A must have for deep sky viewing

I use primarily TV naglers, ranging from the 9 type 6 up to the 31 and all the Meade UWA & WA pieces but I decided to try another low powered eyepice the TV 41 panoptic. From my first look using the 41 from my TOA-130 I was hooked...The eye relief was outstanding and the pin point optic accuracy looking throughout many star systems, deep sky nebula was simply a pleasure. The 41 panoptic has exceptional optics to the outer fov and for anyone looking for a low power eyepiece this is a must have in your collection!

Takahashi 2

on October, 17th 2009

Outstanding Diagonal A+ for tak Users

I first ordered the Tak 1/10th wave diagonal to go along with my FSQ-106N and CN-212...Having owned 2 TV Everbrights, I wanted to try this 2 to compliment the outstanding optics in my 2 exsisting scopes...For what its worth, if your a Tak owner and want a VERY Good 2 diagonal, BUY ONE! Not to say the TVs arent quality but the 1/10th seems a better fit with any Takahashi scope and the optical compatability seems a step above...Outstanding Diagonal...A+

A Good quality Mount!

I opted for a GM-8 as a solid EG mount for my newly aquired 120mm refractor...Having owned 2 G-11s one not being a go-to, I decide to upgrade to the Gemini as I enjoy having this option...First thing out of the box was its quality...Black polished aluminum, machining was exceptional and overall a solid well built mount...The go-to took some getting used to but worked very good then when coupled with a lap top, I had it working flawlessly...My only complant is the added cost for accessories...They all serve a very good purpose but should have been include...Overall a very good mount and a wise investment! J.E.

Rock solid EQ mount

Having used various Fork type mounts, my first experience was with the G-11 Gemini...Well made, very good quality mechcanically and the go-to and tracking are exceptional...The hand controller takes a little getting used to but this mount can easily be sync to your personal lap top and works extremly good with either application...My only wish was the additional knobs etc...which I feel should be included as they round this mount out nicely!

TeleVue 9mm Nagler Type 6

on October, 17th 2009


I liked my 9 nag type 6 so much, I went and purchased a second 9 to use in my TV bino-viewer...Simply put, One outstanding eyepiece, a must for your collection!

TeleVue 16mm Nagler Type 5

on October, 17th 2009

It doesnt get any better

I liked my 9 nag type 6 so much, I went and added a 16 type 5 to my collection...Excellent intermediate eyepiece, good for both planetary or deep sky viewing...I have used this wonderful eyepiece in both a 14 SCT and my TOA-130...It doesnt get any better!

TeleVue 13mm Nagler Type 6

on October, 17th 2009

A stunning perfromer

Starting with my 31, I decided to add the 9 nag type 6, loved it so much I went and purchased a 16, was completly hooked and had to have the 13 type 6...Visually this eyepiece is outstanding in my refractor, pin point stars and the Space walk feel, the TV 13 is a stunning performer!

An amazing Short tube Refractor!

I bought my FS-60C for a guide scope but found it was exceptional for visual use as well...Having owned a FSQ-106 and FS-128 this OTA made perfect sense... The accessories can dampen your spirit but the 60C certinaly wont..Simply put Tak= Quality, unsurpassed optics and a wide field viewing that amazes you...The FS-60C is an amazing short tube refractor!