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Reviews for Takahashi FS-60CB Fluorite Apochromat

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By Jeffrey Hapeman on October, 17th 2009

This scope is pure Takahashi; think of a miniature FS-102 and youve pretty much got it. Quality of construction and optics were not sacrificed one bit in the construction of this telescope. I bought mine as an off-axis guider, but have found it to be a wonderful scope to just pop out for a quick look, or for traveling. It will literally fit in your coat pocket! If you are considering a TeleVue Pronto, I would strongly consider the FS-60C instead. While smaller in aperture, it has far superior color correction (I can detect no false color on my FS-60C, compared to obvious false color in the Pronto) and the FS-60C also has much higher contrast than the Pronto. The FS-60C is easily the match of the Pronto in terms of fit and finish (I have owned a Pronto, so I can fairly comment on this comparison). The only reason I dont give it a 10 is that you have to fiddle with adding extensions to reach focus with some eyepieces because in classic Tak fashion, the scope is lacking in back focus. This can also cause issues with some eyepiece when used with a diagonal.


By Mike Chapa on October, 17th 2009

Ive investigated many different options for widefield CCD imaging, but find this scope to be the best for color correction, focusing, size/weight, etc. It also makes a killer widefield visual scope or ultimate finderscope. Only reason not a 10?...cumbersome & expensive plethora of adapters swapped back and forth to reach focus based upon configuration.

The little scope that can...

By Paul LeFevre on October, 17th 2009

I purchased the Takahashi FS60C intending to use it as a wide-field imaging scope. I could not be more pleased! This has to be the best bargain in refractors possible. The scope is very well corrected for chromatic aberrations, with no color focus shift across the visual wavelengths. A slight bit of blue mis-focus below the blue visual wavelengths can be compensated for with filters when imaging, but is not at all apparent visually. Its amazing what 60mm can show you when the optics are this good -- and the wide field of view when imaging lets me get all of M31 on the CCD chip (with the focal reducer), producing gorgeous, sharp, color-perfect images. Visually, this is a perfect grab and go scope for sweeping the summer milky way or large nebulae -- not the best for planets due to the short focal length, but with good high power eyepieces its even adequate for that, and the scope can fit in a camera bag! I cant rave enough about the typical Takahashi quality, reasonable price, and oustanding optics of this little scope -- for about double the price of a Chinese short-tube achromat, you can have a quality flourite APO that is optically in a whole different league. Anyone who travels and anyone who wants to do wide-field imaging should own this fine scope.

An amazing Short tube Refractor!

By James A. Edwards on October, 17th 2009

I bought my FS-60C for a guide scope but found it was exceptional for visual use as well...Having owned a FSQ-106 and FS-128 this OTA made perfect sense... The accessories can dampen your spirit but the 60C certinaly wont..Simply put Tak= Quality, unsurpassed optics and a wide field viewing that amazes you...The FS-60C is an amazing short tube refractor!

Tak FS-60C

By Michael Downing on October, 17th 2009

This is the little scope that could Very tiny but packs a punch


By tom barrett on October, 17th 2009

At 355mm this OTA is superb as a widefield fast finder. When used as an imaging OTA the FS60C needs a Minus Violet and an IR blocker filter to control star bloat from wavelengths beyond visual which are not fully corrected. The results are then very good and this OTA is a Keeper. I use mine exclusively as a widefield finder imager in combination with a borg manual filter chamber and a starlight express HX916 camera.

Typical Tak style

By John Horsley on October, 17th 2009

Just received my FS60C. Its everything that makes a telescope a Tak, just on a miniture scale. Outstanding optics, and pure quality construction.