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Reviews for Takahashi EM-200 Temma-2Z GOTO Mount (High Latitudes)

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Perfection at its best

By James A. Edwards on October, 17th 2009

Having ownded various Celestron, Meade and Losmandy mounts, including the Lx-200s, CG-5, G-8 and G-11 gemini mounts I have finally struck pay dirt with by far, the best mount available in its weight class...With typical Takahashi fit and finish add in ease of use and a mount that oozes quality and you have a complete discription the EM-200 Temma 2 700x Go to...Using the included Pegasus soft ware or The Sky ( software bisque ) this beauty tracks and slews flawlessly and with a click of a mouse your right on target...The initial alignment is critical as with any EQ mount which takes a little patience, but once the 200 is fully aligned and syncd with your personal lap top the 200 is a pure pleasure to use...With the option of using it in either 12 or 24 volt this mount works outstanding with either application...The cost makes you gasp a bit but once this jewel is scanning the comos you will be thankful for every penny you paid...I give this mount a 10, perfection at its best!!!

Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2

By Mark Moulder on October, 17th 2009

I waited 4 months before posting this review. I wanted to make sure the mount performed like advertised. First of all, I had the basic amateur questions related to the mount. I called and spoke with Art at TNR and he had me going down the right road ASAP! This man knows his stuff. From day 1, after initial setup and data entry, the mount was flawless. I never had to drift align! I have been able to take as long as 30 minute exposures with perfectly round stars. Believe me Im a perfectionist and this mount is a perfectionists dream. Im giving this mount a 10. The only reason I did not give it an 11+ is that it is only accurate when doing gotos on the same side of the meridian, otherwise, it is dead on accurate. A must have mount for CCD imaging! Thanks Takahashi and I didnt have to wait a year to get it!

Elegant mount

By Joel Guthals on October, 17th 2009

The best way to describe the EM-200 Temma 2 is elegant. It is nicely designed with its curved lines and buit-in drop down counterweight shaft. It is finely engineered and manufactured. It has an unique an amazingly accurate polar scope. The tracking and slewing are just about perfect. The Temma 2 has its own Goto software, which is works well after you understand the Japanese/English manual, but The Sky6 now has a control module for the Temma 2 allowing all of its advanced features to be used with this mount. Everyone who has seen my EM-200 in operation has been as impressed with it is as I am.

Excellent Value, you wont regret buying this

By Ivan Ong on October, 17th 2009

After Vixens GP-DX and Sphinx, getting and using this mount was a quantum leap in the quality of my visual and astrophotography sessions. Pluses: polar alignment scope very accurate, mount very stable, gets out of the way and lets you concentrate on other things, interfaces well with SBIG autoguider, wood tripod very stable, solid quality construction, minimal exposed breakable parts, hand paddle is logical. I would rate this at <26lb for serious astrophotography if you have an f/6 or greater system. I do not agree with the 35lb load for astophotography. For visual it is fine although you get high mag vibrations during focusing with OTAs above 30lb. Dont deride the free included GOTO Pegasus software- it actually works quite well.

Fantastic mount

By Jeff Bennett on October, 17th 2009

I went from a fork mounted SCT to an EM-200 with a TSA102s. What a huge difference. The mount is a work of art and easily able to handle significant loads. Its easly to set up and a snap to polar align with the the built in polar scope. It quite and the tracking is amazing. I never dremed of taking an unguided image, but when I did I was amazed. Works perectly with self guided imagers like my SBIG ST-8xme. Its truly an imagers dream for the price and worth every penny.